Generac 5870 Review

Generac 5870

If you're looking for a worry free solution to providing electricity to your home in the event of an emergency, then the Generac 5870 is just the answer you are looking for.

There are a number of reasons why the Generac Guardian Series 5870 Generator is top of the line in gas powered standby generators. One reason is the fact that it can be hooked directly up to your propane or natural gas lines so you don't ever have to worry about whether or not it is fueled up and ready to go, because it always will be. The best part is that this generator will automatically start up if the power in your home ever goes out.

The Generac 5870 is ready to go as soon as you get it home. All you have to do is wire it in to your home electrical system and connect it to the gas supply in your home. Once this is complete, you can be certain that your home will always have power regardless of whether or not there is an outage.

If you're concerned about whether or not the power coming from the Generac 5870 is safe for your home electronics, don't be. This particular generator is equipped with True Power Technology which helps to provide the safest and cleanest electricity for virtually any piece of electronics that you might need to run with it.


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There is plenty of power to go around because this system is capable of providing roughly 8,000 watts of energy. You'll find that the Generac 5870 is well equipped to handle the job because it comes with an 8 circuit transfer switch, pre-wired conduits, and many other components that are needed to supply your home with the electricity it needs.


Generac 5870 Features and Specifications


Generac 5870   Convenient, hands-free operation with no fueling. No manual start. No extension cords.

Generac 5870    Runs on natural gas or liquid propane.

5870    Clean, smooth True Power Technology provides safe operation of sensitive electronics.

   Includes automatic transfer switch with 8 circuits protected (NEMA 1, indoor rated only)

   8,000 Rated Watts

    CARB Compliant

   Shipping Weight: 340 pounds

Generac 5870 Reviews

In common with all high ticket items the Generac 5870 has relatively few reviews compared to less expensive products. Of the comments we do have, the reception and acceptance of the Generac 5870 has been very good. Users have expressed their satisfaction with the ease of installation of the generator and its ability to provide their home with power. It appears that the installation is pretty straightforward if you follow the instructions, but because of the nature of the work required to get the unit installed, there may be a need for professional assistance. Indeed, we would recommend professional installation.


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Based on the positive reviews that we discovered at, we recommend the Generac 5870 Standby Generator to any homeowner who is looking for a permanent generator solution to potential power outage problems.


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