Generac 5887 Standby Generator Review

Generac 5887 Standby GeneratorThe Generac 5887 20,000 Watt Air-Cooled Propane/Natural Gas Powered Home Automatic Standby Generator is a standby generator par excellence. It is one of the most powerful air-cooled generators on the market today. The 5887 has the capacity to provide whole house power protection for several homes in an emergency situation. In addition to essential circuit coverage, the 20 kW unit can back up multiple air conditioners and remaining rooms in your home like home theaters and offices.

When the power goes out, the Generac 5887 standby generator eliminates the trouble of dealing with a fuse box in a dark basement or going outside in a storm to start a portable generator. After all the LP or natural gas and electrical connections are completed, the Generac 5887 20,000 Watt Air-Cooled Standby Generator is ready to run 24/7 and requires absolutely no manual operation, no fuelling, and no extension cords. The generator responds within seconds of power outages, so inconveniences like heat or air conditioning loss and burst pipes or spoiled food are quickly avoided.

Initial setup is easy. The generator arrives pre-wired and equipped with the necessary installation gear. Do note the 5887 does not include a transfer switch and as with the installation of any standby generator you are recommended to consult a licensed professional before any electrical work is undertaken.

Thanks to Generac's exclusive True Power Technology, the Generac 5887 provides clean, continuous power, so sensitive electronics and microchip appliances like laptops and HVAC equipment can be operated without the worry that unexpected power surges bring. Also featuring Generac's patented Quiet-Test technology, this generator is truly neighborhood-friendly: its self-test mode is as hushed as an idling car.


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The 5887 can be programmed to perform a weekly exercise at the time of your choice, so it will be ready for continuous and reliable operation on a moment's notice. For convenience, it also offers clear, digital controls, an at-a-glance status indicator, and an external GFCI outlet to accommodate your outdoor power needs.

 Generac 5887 Standby GeneratorThe generator's aluminium enclosure offers superior corrosion resistance and is protected by Generac's proprietary RhinoCoat system–a unique process that binds the paint to the metal surface for a long-lasting, durable finish. This allows the generator to sit outdoors and withstand harsh weather conditions without developing an unsightly appearance.

The Generac 5887 Standby Generator features the 999cc Generac OHVI® Engine, an exclusive air-cooled generator engine with a high-performance design that can accommodate large electrical loads. The engine optimizes power to respond swiftly to changing conditions. To add to your peace of mind, the engine requires routine maintenance only once every two years, or after 200 hours of use.



Generac 5887 Standby Generator Features and Specifications


5887Convenient, hands-free operation with no fuelling. No manual start. No extension cords.

5887Clean, smooth True Power Technology provides safe operation of sensitive electronics.

Generac 5887Runs on natural gas or liquid propane.

generac 5887Does not include transfer switch.

tick20,000 Rated Watts.

tickCARB Compliant.

tickRequires a Group 26R 12-volt minimum 525 CCA battery (sold separately).

tickGenerac 5887 Dimensions: 29 x 25 x 48 inches; Weight: 521 pounds.

tickWhat's in the Box: Generac Guardian Series 5744 20,000 Watt Air-Cooled Propane/Natural Gas Powered Automatic Standby Generator with Aluminium Enclosure; 200 Amp NEMA 3R service entrance rated automatic transfer switch, base fascia and composite mounting pad; installation guide and owner's manual.


Generac 5887 Standby Generator Reviews


In common with all high end price tag items there is very little comment online from buyers for the Generac 5887 20,000 Watt Air-Cooled Propane/Natural Gas Powered Home Automatic Standby Generator. We are not however left completely in the dark. There are several factors which recommend the Generac 5887.

For one, there is the Generac name which has long been associated with this field and is renowned for its quality and service, thereby offering peace of mind to the prospective buyer.

There is also the good pedigree of the 5887. It is the updated version of the Generac 5744 which was a top rated machine in its class.

The last factor we list in support of the Generac 5887 is its place in the Standby Generators bestsellers list on The buying public are ultimately the arbiters of what is best in terms of value and quality and they appear to indicate quite clearly their liking for the 5887.


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The purchase of a standby generator of this size and price demands investigation and weighing up the available options. The Generac 5887 20,000 Watt Air-Cooled Propane/Natural Gas Powered Home Automatic Standby Generator ticks all the boxes. It really is an all singing all dancing machine and is relatively reasonably priced for what you get. With the discount currently being offered at Amazon on the Generac 5887 you really should visit them and read the details for yourself.


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