Types of Generators for Home Use

Generators for Home Use

A generator is a power source that produces electricity to be used in the home or elsewhere. Our focus in this article is generators for home use, in other words, the type of machine the average home owner may be interested in. Various types of generator exist to – cater for different needs, or which might be of use in specific situations, or which are powered in a particular way. The most common of these are portable generators, RV generators, wind generators, and emergency or standby generators.

Here is a quick definition of each of the most commonly used type of generator.

Portable Generator:

The portable generator is the most popular type of machine for home backup or outdoor activities. It has many uses and is able to supply the needed power source for home standby or construction purposes together with outdoor camping or recreation. Portable generators are convenient, generally easily moved, and useable for home, work, or recreational needs.


RV Generator:

RV (Recreational Vehicles) generators are particularly designed for motor homes or recreational vehicles. A good RV generator will  start quickly, run quietly and require little maintenance. They come in gas and diesel alternatives. There are quite a few assorted models and power options available.


Wind Generator:

As the name suggests a turbine is the energy source, which converts the wind power into electricity. Wind turbines have steadily increased in popularity these past few years as the green alternative and have made substantial ground in terms of cost and reliability. Wind generators can act as a stand alone option in a situation where there is no grid supply (in which case batteries are essential to store electric.) They are perhaps more often used as a back up to and auxiliary source to the grid supply. Hopefully reducing your home or business electricity bills.


Emergency or Standby Generator:

The Emergency Generator could be a Portable Generator but is more likely to be a Standby Generator. If there is a sudden power out the emergency generator kicks in enables your home or business to function as normal until the normal power supply is resumed. The Standby models tend to be larger, more powerful and more expensive than the Portable machines but deliberately so. And whilst it may seem like a large financial outlay, a standby generator is essentially an insurance against the possibility of a black out.

You the buyer will have to decide whether you want a machine powerful enough to power your premises as normal or simply to provide sufficient power to enable essential appliances to function, say for example, the fridge and freezer. Again, the bigger the motor, the more expensive the machine will be. The emergency generators are generally powered by propane, natural gas, petrol or diesel.


Which type of generator do I need?

You must make the choice of home generator as per your requirements. Before selecting a generator it's vital to go over the list of appliances and apparatus you would like to run from the generator. This will help you to total the wattage needed and determine the output of the generator you need. Do you intend to only use it in one location or may it be used in various places. And of course the ultimate determining factor – what is your budget.


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